Over the last few weeks I have observed council workers create several large drains down the double hairpin Rockfield bends out on the B4233 towards Abergavenny.

I wondered at this, because although surface water was substantial under extreme weather conditions, such as we have experienced over the last few months, it simply ran across and down the road. On Sunday morning, returning from town at 11.30am, each one of these very smart drains complete with backing slabs - was blocked - with the result that the water which previously ran across and down the road now sits in the “drain” and then runs down the road as it did before.

Conversely, the Rockfield Road itself was already flooded close by the Rockfield Studios; the other two vulnerable points of the road were rapidly reaching the flooded point. I am sure serious reasoning was behind the decision to create these super drains, but this morning I couldn’t quite work out what it might have been.

The time, money and resources could have been better used along the Rockfield Road towards town, but I might be alone in thinking this.

Irene Dennis-Jones (Hendre)