Part of my regular fitness regime is to climb up Offa’s Dyke to the Kymin from my home near the Wye Bridge.  It’s a lovely walk that has suddenly become much more difficult and I feel that Monmouthshire residents should be made aware.

Offa’s Dyke is a popular National Trail and it’s important that it remains in reasonable condition.  However, the portion that crosses through Beaulieu Barn’s fields, uphill from the forest footpath, is now virtually impassable.  Pigs have been allowed to forage in the narrow fenced pathway and they have reduced it to a quagmire, far more so than is normal in autumn. I attempted to climb it, gave up and chose a different route to the top. On my return, I arrived at the top of the fenced path only to find the gateway blocked by pigs. They are friendly but also very capable of knocking me to the ground. I took a photo and retraced my steps.

However, there is currently a far greater danger. I often chat with the Kymin residents, who seem to live in a kind of dreamy paradise. Far from it, they are living in fear. There is a history of dog attacks going back several years and the most recent was in September. The victim had the strength to fight off the dogs but he was hospitalised for three days.

If you are up on the Kymin, I recommend that you keep alert for a huge white dog. She is supposed to be contained but often breaks free and roams, or is out walking with her owner off the lead and runs away. Carry a stick and be ready to protect children.

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