RAGLAN Post Office is under threat now that it has been told it has to operate under new conditions.

Owner Andrew Watkins is attending Raglan Community Council tonight (Wednesday 3rd February) to explain why he will not be able to continue operating if the Post Office insist he changes his store to adopt the new style of post offices rolling out around the country.

“They are insisting that we alter the layout to an open plan office” he told the Beacon yesterday, “and that we should operate longer working hours.

“They have also told us that they will no longer pay a post-master’s salary and we will just be paid a commission, albeit reduced, on the goods and services we supply.”

At the moment, the salary is about two thirds of the income generated and the commission makes up the rest. Under the re-organisation, Andrew explained that having to pay more wages to the three staff involved for the longer opening hours would mean he would be out of pocket by about £20,000 on wages alone.

“As it stands, the post office will be closing, but I don’t know when that will be,” he added.