Monmouth motorists should be congratulated for the way in which they have embraced the new pinch-point arrangement in Monnow Street. A much more polite standard of driving has now been observed by pedestrians, making it a safer place for them to walk and also to cross the road at this point.

There is just one snag: there are still some drivers who have not yet observed the ‘no right turn’ signs on Monnow Street from St John Street.

Of course Osbaston residents may feel they have to re-plan their route home. One could say they have been lucky to date. Residents like me who live on the Wyesham side of the river have had to do a detour via the Dixton roundabout for over 30 years in order to get home from town and in extreme cases have had to return home via Symonds Yat!

As far as whinging on the subject of congestion is concerned, there are few towns in Britain that are free from congestion at peak times.

As for delivery vans, how many caused chaos by getting stuck because they were too big to turn right out of St John Street? Introducing a ‘left turn only’ route is the logical solution. Once this has been recognised, the trial that is already proving successful will surely pave the way to a safer and more attractive shopping environment.

Angela Hoyle