A VILLAGE has taken the law into its own hands after end of A-level excitement caused the damage of an essential defibrillator.

The crucial piece of kit, installed by Chepstow and Caldicot Lions in St Arvans’ Laurel Park, had its clear plastic front punched in during weekend revelries.

After a social media search, the culprit has been found and has promised to pay for repairs, as well as being encouraged to attend the next defibrillator awareness course in the village rather than being handed over to authorities.

Gwent Police’s neighbourhood team added: “Not only is this an act of criminal damage but it is also a piece of equipment that has been given to the community to save lives. This is an important medical tool to re-start someone’s heart when needed.”

County Councillor Ann Webb, the member for St Arvans, added: “This is such an asset to St Arvans and was purchased with funding from the community council.

“Local people have taken time to attended courses on how to use this defibrillator with the next piece of this same equipment some miles away. I just hope it is not needed before repairs can be done.”