The Monmouthshire Veterans Support Hub's initiative was rewarded earlier this month, after members saved a fellow veteran’s life.

SInce the Branch’s hub moved to St John’s Ambulance, there have been an increased effort to collaborate. In early December, Rhys Probert carried out a first aid course, that saw six members learn the basic tools of First Aid; such as identifying the signs of a heart attack.

It was this course that would ultimately save a veteran’s life.

In early January, during their second week back at the hub, members spotted the very early signs of a heart attack in one of their own. Their quick thinking and newfound skills were able to stabilise the gentleman in time for the ambulance to arrive and transfer him to hospital. He had suffered from a small aneurysm.

Chair of the RBL Abergavenny Branch, Bryn Probert said: “We never expected that we would need to use what we had learnt so quickly, but that’s the thing with these type of situations - you never know when they will happen, which only shows how important First Aid is.”

Rhys Probert added: “It’s great as a trainer to deliver life changing skills and se them put into practice.”

It has since been confirmed that the veteran has made a successful recovery, with services praising the veterans for their actions.

St Johns Ambulance will be holding three more First Aid courses in February as part of Defibruary; which was launched to raise awarness and understanding of the use of defibrillators.

The veterans will also be undergoing the defibrillator course on February, 19.

If you are interested in learning first aid and participating in, there are courses available across all local divisions. Go to and sign up. Locals are advised to call in Abergavenny division on a Monday evening 5.30-9pm.