I was interested to read the letter about the work carried out by the council on the area around the Shire Hall in Monmouth and also the comments about the Wye Valley road closing for five weeks.

Since the swimming pool has closed in Monmouth Leisure Centre, my husband and I have been going to the Abergavenny Leisure Centre and doing our shopping in the town. We have noticed a lot of work being carried out in the town centre on pavements and in particular the whole area along Nevill Street and around the Post Office. All has been finished in time for the Eisteddfod and the work certainly seems to be of a high standard and in keeping with the original paving – even an improvement.

It begs the question as to why Chepstow and Abergavenny are considered worthy of quality improvements to their town centres in comparison to inferior work carried out in Monmouth.

It appears that a lot of this work is now carried out by contractors and I question whether the council specifies such work adequately, and holds them to account when their performance, or materials used, falls below the required standard.

Jan Currie