Local graffiti artist and maverick, Toby Pink, has launched an exciting initiative to engage Chepstow's youth in a vibrant street art project. Just two days since its inception, the GoFundMe campaign has already raised £436 of its £999 target, with 34 generous donations pouring in.

John Garratt made the most significant contribution with a generous £100, while Janice Compton was the first to support the cause with a £5 donation. Amy Ryan also recently added to the fund with her contribution.

Toby Pink's vision is to assemble a group of enthusiastic youngsters this summer for a "top-secret project" involving spray paint. He jestingly mentions plans to blame them entirely for the outcome. Each session will see participants learning various graffiti techniques, culminating in the creation of a community street art piece.

For those interested in joining or enrolling their children, Toby Pink encourages direct messaging either through the GoFundMe page or Facebook for session details. Additionally, he's seeking suggestions for locations in Chepstow that could benefit from a splash of colour, such as dimly lit paths, alleyways, or walls.

Each session costs approximately £150 to conduct, and Toby Pink plans to host multiple sessions daily. Donations to the spray can fund will ensure the project's success without straining Toby's finances.

Parents' consent is a prerequisite for participation.

He also expressed his gratitude towards Chepstow Council for their unwavering support, cheekily adding that he aims to introduce a dash of colour to the town while they're away in Lanzarote or West Wales.