A YELLOW weather warning for rain is in place for the Forest, Wye Valley and South Wales tomorrow (Thursday, November 2) with motorists being advised to take extra care. 

As Storm Ciaran sweeps across the region, National Highways is advising drivers to check the weather and driving conditions before setting out on journeys, particularly in exposed locations such as coastal and high lying areas and bridges which could be affected by the high winds. 

It says the M48 Severn Bridge is likely to be affected by the wind and rain, which is expected to ease in the early hours of Friday (November 3). 

Amy Shaw, National Network Manager at National Highways, said: “Driving conditions are likely to change given the Met Office forecasts around Storm Ciarán. If you're using the roads slow down and give yourself more space between you and the vehicle in front. It is harder for tyres to grip the road and excess spray makes it harder to see ahead. 

“We also remind drivers to remember TRIP – this is a National Highways initiative to help motorists. It stands for: Top-up - fuel, water and oil; Rest - every two hours; Inspect - tyres and lights before a long journey and Prepare - check your journey and the weather forecast before heading out. 

“In high winds, there’s a particular risk to lorries, caravans and motorbikes so we’d advise drivers of these vehicles to slow down and drive to the conditions. 

“Drivers of other vehicles should be aware of sudden gusts of wind which can affect handling and braking, and give high-sided vehicles, caravans, and motorbikes plenty of space.” 

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Dan Suri said: “Wind and rain warnings associated with Storm Ciarán are in force from Wednesday night onwards into Friday.

“An amber warning for winds is in place for south western parts of England and Wales in the early hours and morning of Thursday and the far south and south east of England Thursday daytime and early evening.

“Storm Ciarán is expected to bring very strong winds along southern coastal areas of England in particular where gusts of 70 to 80mph are possible, gusts perhaps exceeding 85 mph in the most exposed locations. Further inland, gusts could reach up to 50 or 60mph.

“As well as strong winds, this deep low pressure system will bring heavy rain to many parts of the country. The rain will fall on already saturated ground, bringing the risk of flooding.”

National Highways has produced online guidance on its website for driving in different weather conditions in an effort to keep road users as safe as possible on its motorways and A-roads. 

For specific forecasts and details of weather warnings, go to www.metoffice.gov.uk