I read with dismay your article of 7th August concerning the current MCC funding deficit. It angers me greatly that our inefficient and poorly managed council can on one hand state they have no money, whilst increasing our council taxes so greatly. Perhaps if they managed their business better, they may have more money to spend on essential services.

Why is the council buying a business park in Newport?

Why a year ago did they fit a pay and display car park machine in Cinderhill Street car park and not turn it on? I wonder how many other so-called ‘paying car parks’ are actually free in the county when they can’t be bothered to turn them on. This would bring in significant income.

Why do they not manage resurfacing of roads better instead of allowing potholes to turn into canyons, thus damaging the road surface more and costing more to repair.

In my view if the council managers managed, and elected councillors actually did their duty and pointed these inefficiencies out, it might improve council funding at the expense of my exorbitant council tax.

Peter Johnson (Llanarth)