The results of childen’s competitions at Llangattock’s ploughing match last month are as follows. The Mary Kathleen Bowen Perpetual Cup for most points in the children’s section: Lauren Denne (centre in pic).

Under 5 Section; St Dials Cup for most points in this section awarded to Freddie Ball.

Hand/foot painting: 1st Evan Parry; 2nd Lucy Jenkins; Joint 3rd Beatrice Candlin and Amber Denne (right).

Decorated digestive biscuits: 1st Ellis Wyatt; 2nd Freddie Ball; 3rd Amber Denne. Stick man: 1st Lucy Jenkins; 2nd Freddie Ball; 3rd Amber Denne. Decorated stone: 1st Freddie Ball; 2nd Aidan Toms; Joint 3rd Lucy Jenkins and Ellis Wyatt. Playdough farm animal: 1st Beatrice Candlin; 2nd Ellis Wyatt; Joint 3rd Amber Denne and Lucy Jenkins.

Under 9 Years Section; Olive Barrell Cup for most points in this section awarded to Evie Denne. As many items as possible in a matchbox: 1st Evie Denne; Finger puppet: 1st Pippa Gilsenan; 2nd Evie Denne. Clothes peg animal: 1st Holly Jones; 2nd Nathan Jones; Joint 3rd Chloe Jenkins and entry from Montessori School. Birthday card: Joint 1st Evie Denne and Jessica Edwards. Four brownies: Joint 1st Evie Denne (left in picture) and Harry Richardson.

See next week for under 12 Years and young adults section.