Peter Fox MS, Senedd member for Monmouth, yet again slammed the proposed "tourism tax" and questioned the Welsh Government's efforts to strengthen the tourism industry in the Monmouth constituency.

Deputy Minister for Arts and Sport, and Chief Whip, Dawn Bowden MS, highlighted investments made in regional assets such as Tintern Abbey and year-round marketing efforts to promote Monmouthshire's unique offerings to visitors.

Mr Fox raised concerns about Wales being among the top two UK areas experiencing the largest decrease in employment, emphasising that businesses need more support and fewer barriers. He cited the proposed tourism tax as a potential barrier that could negatively impact jobs and businesses, particularly in Monmouth and other border constituencies, by deterring overnight stays.

In response, Ms Bowden stated that the Welsh Government does not believe the visitor levy will adversely affect the tourism economy. She cited a lack of evidence from other countries with similar levies and her own willingness to pay a tourism levy during a recent holiday. Ms Bowden assured that the levy would be designed in cooperation with the sector and tailored to suit different accommodation types and values. She expressed confidence that the levy would benefit local authority areas with significant tourism economies by helping them develop their tourism offerings.