Organised by Sherren Mccabe-Finlayson, chair of Monmouth Chamber of Commerce, the event brought together members of Monmouth Town Council and staff from Monmouthshire County Council.

The Chamber of Commerce met with Monmouth business owners to maintain a strong dialogue, regarding how the town of Monmouth can help its business climate, and to set the pace for Monmouth’s post-Covid economic recovery.A key aim of the meeting was to get local businesses talking to each other and to solidify Monmouth’s network of local business. The development of business links aims to strengthen the small business culture in the town, with local businesses working with each other to build a resilient and reliable network.Mayor of Monmouth, Terry Christopher attended the event to maintain the town council’s links to the business community. He told the Beacon: "The event has been very positive. We’ve made some good contacts, which will be useful in helping our town be recognised as a town of historical importance."