AN ABANDONED street dog from Cyprus has been rescued from a dismal fate by Mathern residents.

Ella the dog was flown into the UK on Monday (29th January) following a fundraising campaign to save the ‘happy’ dog that was dumped at an apartment complex last year.

Ella faced being detained by the pound if no home was found for her, at which if she was not rehomed in 15 days, she would have been put to sleep.

Julia and Paul Kelley own a property on the complex, where they launched the campaign along with friends to take her home to Wales.

Julia said: “I was talking to a friend in the courtyard outside the apartments when a little wet nose touched my hand, immediately I could see she was such a friendly, cheery little thing.

“She was apparently dumped out of a car at the beginning of November, and people on the complex have been feeding her since then.

“She’s so happy having nothing, everyone who meets her falls in love with her; even though she’s a stray there’s not an aggressive bone in her body.”

The swift campaign to bring Ella, as she’s been named, back to the UK began when Julia and Paul realised the grim fate that awaited the dog if she was left on the streets.

They approached a local dog shelter with Ella, where she became panicked by the noise and scale of the centre, which is trying to find homes for 130 dogs. Instead, they decided to bring her back to the UK, with help from the charity.

Julia continued: “The Stray Haven charity has been amazing at helping this happen.

“They organised Ella’s spaying, health check, injections and passport, all of which we financed. We have raised £300 so far to bring her home, and any leftover money will go to Stray Haven.”

After a short stay with a foster family in Cyprus, Ella arrived in Mathern on Monday and will now be homed with a close friend of Julia, and fellow campaigner, Sharon Hooker.

“We weren’t looking for a dog, we have two of our own, and I know there are so many dogs in this country looking for homes, but she found us and we couldn’t leave without her,” said Julia.

You can donate to the cause at /2euyv7-help-save-ella