NUMEROUS emergency services searched the River Severn last night (13th June) after a distress beacon was activated, but the search was eventually called off when the signal moved overland.

The Chepstow Coastguard were part of the team which included a helicopter and hovercraft.

Richard Hoyle, deputy station officer said: “Last night around 7.30pm a distress beacon was activated in the River Severn area and received by the National Maritime Operation Centre in Fareham.”

“The Milford Haven Coastguard operation centre initiated a search and the Chepstow Coastguard, Sharpness Coastguard, the coastguard rescue helicopter based in St Athan and the SARA Sharpness lifeboat and hovercraft were tasked to carry out a search of the River Severn to Establish if there was a vessel in difficulty.

“The river was cleared of any vessels in distress, searches were made by the helicopter using direction finding equipment of the Gloucester Docks. The Lydney Harbour Coastguard teams searched river banks and investigated a vessel at Lyndey Harbour and confirmed the vessel was not involved.

“Subsequent information was received which confirmed that the activate beacon had moved overland towards midlands and units stood down while investigations continued.”