Music and Memories

Last week as I was travelling in the car I was listening to Mellow Magic when on came some songs from the mid-eighties. As Phil Collins sang out Against all Odds and the mellow voice of Suzanne Vega I was transported back to the Trocadero Centre in London where I worked in a one-hour photo lab, City Photo.

I could literally draw you a detailed picture of the shop, where everything was and into my memory popped the stereo in which we had to keep changing the cassette tape to keep the music going. There was no music on loop back then, once the cassette had finished that was our cue to turn it over, unbelievably I saw a new artist post the other day that her new album was not only on vinyl but on cassette too! Who knew they would make a comeback.

This experience got me thinking about the music of my life, maybe there is a book in there somewhere and how songs / tunes can transport us back in time. Whether a joyful or sad time music can stir up memories like no other genre.

I remember how through listening to various artists whilst working in London back then led me on to see these amazing musicians in concert, this again stirs up thoughts of long ago. I was so fortunate to see Madonna, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Phil Collins (Genesis), UK, Whitney Houston, Brian Adams, Beautiful South, U2 and many more in what I think was the height of their fame.

At all of these concerts I was accompanied by friends, some of whom I have remained in touch with today. We made great memories, lazy summer days were spent at venues outdoors, the venues no longer in existence but the memories of the music and the friends remain very much in tact.

Over the years as I moved around my 22 house moves in 25 years music has accompanied every step of the way. There are tunes that bring back sad moments, broken relationships, my burnout and losing those we love however I see these as a reminder of how far I have travelled and how these situations have made me stronger. Then you have the songs of joy, the ones that remind me of my amazing childhood, which I always link back to country music, still a favourite of mine today; we have songs that help us commenerate the good times, the milestones as in our wedding in 2022 which was filled with smiles, music and dance. At our evening reception we planned our play list for the DJ and got a lot of compliments on how many were reminded of their youth.

A couple of weeks ago we watched the Brit Awards, I have to say we knew no one and dismayed at the music (probably as our parents did back in the day). I am not sure about you but looking at todays artists I do wonder if they will stand the test of time, after all many of those I watched in concert nearly 41 years ago are indeed still making music today.

Elvis and Abba (who can believe Waterloo won Eurovision 50 years ago) still have fans today, their music standing the test of time, helping so many to share their memories through music with the younger generation.

So, if you want to take a trip back in time tune in to Mellow Magic, I bet it will raise a smile and memory or two for you also.