I refer to the letter from Irene Dennis-Jones in last week’s Beacon in which she states: “Solutions seems to be money down the drain”.

Indeed, it is money down the drain, but, unfortunately it is council taxpayer’s money down the drain.

Last Thursday, I walked along the length of the double-hairpin on leaving Rockfield. It is a distance of quarter-mile. In this short space, the County Council has installed 24 drains. They are all embedded and surrounded by protective concrete!

I noticed that two are already blocked as I walked past. The original drain alongside the first hairpin is still in excellent condition and working well.

Like Irene Dennis-Brown, I am left wondering why this substantially high expenditure was authorised. I would add that I have travelled along this section of roadway several thousands of times in the past 50 years as I spent many years living in Llantilio and with my office in Monmouth.

PS - Yes, over the years, I have found lost drains, cleared and unlocked many.

Roy G Nicholas (Monmouth)