Any number of mature trees felled on the development site on Wonastow road and junction with the ind. estate West. It’s not pretty.

Who  signed this of at a local and county level? Presumably Planning committees.

Then why allow good screening trees to be felled when all the other sites around have retained their green boundaries?

Develop the site, OK but not like this!

What is the Planners’ policy?

They must have one.

And by the way, this will be putting more traffic at the dangerous junction at the Link road, so watch  out pedestrians and stoic cyclists. That corner has no thought at all given to the many pedestrians using it. Proper crossings and a few flashing lights wouldn’t go amiss.

And while we are on the subject, guess who has pocketed nearly a million pounds into the County pockets. And what’ s it all for? And when will the Path / Cycleway be ever started? They have the money.

Michael Jones (Monmouth)