FANS of the famous Flying Scotsman steam locomotive are being urged to keep off the tracks when the recently renovated engine passes through Monmouthshire today.

After a 10-year, £4.2million refurbishment by the National Railway Museum, the legendary locomotive passes through Magor and Severn Tunnel today (8th June) on it’s journey from Crewe to London Paddington. However, those eager to get a glimpse of the engine are being warned to stay safe. After the train’s return to the East Coast mainline, members of the public were seen walking along the tracks and taking photographs of the locomotive while other trains continued to pass on nearby lines.

Phil Hufton, Network Rail managing director, England and Wales, said: “While the turnout to see the Flying Scotsman so far has shown the passion and support for steam engines, and indeed the railway itself, the images of people stood on the railway taking photographs were deeply concerning and a breach of our safe operations.

“I cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to go onto the railway without any formal training and without permission, as well as being illegal. I am urging those who plan to enjoy seeing the Flying Scotsman to do so from a safe position and do not go onto the railway under any circumstances.  I’d like to thank those who have observed safe practices during the Scotsman’s runs so far and ask others to follow that example.”

Trespassing on train tracks is a serious offence, and offenders risk being brought before the courts, a fine of £1,000 and a criminal record.

It is expected that the Flying Scotsman will pass through Monmouthshire later this afternoon.