THE one lane bridge on Sudbrook Road which provides access to Sudbrook from Portskewett has been blocked for the second day in a row by a lorry trying to cross.

On Sunday the road was closed for more than four hours after the vehicle became trapped at approximately 9.30am.

Today at 1pm another vehicle became trapped, fortunately this time the blockage was much more temporary as the lorry was able to move on in about 30 minutes.

The bridge runs over the rail line from Caldicot to Gloucester and a Network Rail spokesperson said the incident yesterday did not significantly effect the line.

“A 126 tonne Lorry became stuck on Portskewett bridge. After the lorry was removed engineers carried out remedial work in the early afternoon.

“At the time the line was places on a 20mph speed restriction but there was no effect of services.

Line speed was restored at 16.46.”