This week’s Beacon reported that the proposed third lane approaching the Wye bridge traffic lights on the A40 is likely to go ahead. On the basis that something is better than nothing, the plan for a slip road is a positive first step. However, I fear it will make very little difference to traffic flow at peak times. 

The proposed slip lane is only 170 metres long, so when the lights turn red, traffic on the A40 approaching from the Dixon road roundabout will very quickly back up to the point that no vehicles will be able to access the slip road. For the third lane to be really effective, it would need to run the full length of the A40, from the Dixton Road roundabout to the traffic lights. But what about the traffic coming from the forest and Wyesham? I may be missing something, but I don’t see how a third lane on the A40 is going to assist vehicles on the A4136  who are trying to cross the Wye bridge. 

However, all is not lost. Highways may eventually acknowledge that a flyover is a practical solution to keep traffic moving. If this ever comes about, then the proposed slip road and left turn over the Wye bridge would be an integral part of the scheme. This being the case, let us celebrate the project as stage one of a master plan.

David Rowlands