A GROUP of Wye Valley dancers showcased their talents to raise money for life-saving local charity SARA on the weekend.

Students of Sedbury-based Arête Dance Academy, which offers private lessons and classes in a wide range of genres, were meant to be performing at Chepstow Festival of Arts on Saturday (July 15).

But due to the weather, the festival sadly was cancelled.

Principal of the school, Sarah-Jayne Blatchly, said: “I decided that I couldn’t let my students hard work go to waste, so we came up with the idea of performing our display and raising money for SARA (Severn Area Rescue Association), a charity in our local area (Beachley).

“As a newly opened school, I am very proud to say that we had a great showcase, and raised £280 for an amazing charity.

"I am very proud of all my students and all of their hard work and dedication shown through their performances."

The academy, which is based at the The Royal British Legion in Sedbury, opened in June and already has more than sixty students across all ages.

A wide range of dancing genres are offered, including Ballroom, Latin American, Classical Sequence, Modern Sequence, Street Dance, Contemporary, Latin in Line, Rock ’n’ Roll and Line Dancing, with options for both private lessons and classes.

They also offer bespoke wedding dance lessons for happy couples to rehearse their ‘First Dance’, for which four packages are available depending on what is required.

The academy's reputation is is already growing in the area and they already have numerous events booked in throughout the year. 

For more information, head to the Arête Dance Academy Facebook page.