Monmouthshire County Council has officially confirmed the details about the resurfacing of the Wye Bridge in Monmouth. The work has now been put out to tender and a contractor will be appointed by mid-August.

The plan is for a closure of the bridge for up to five weeks from an expected date on 16th October, 2023. The bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic for 24 hours a day to enable major resurfacing work to be undertaken.

The essential work will involve the removal of 10cm of the road surface from the bridge, which was built c.1615 and widened 1878-80. While the bridge is without this surface usual vehicular traffic will not be able to cross. This is due to the change in weight load on the structure once the old road surface is removed. If normal traffic were allowed to cross it would raise a risk of potential structural damage to the historic bridge.

Monmouthshire County Council have requested that contractors work 24 hours a day on shifts to reduce the duration of the bridge closure.

Monmouthshire County Council has already liaised with all blue light services. Monmouth Town Council, neighbouring councils, local Councillors, local schools, social care teams and community groups will be engaged with. Residents and businesses in Monmouth and Wyesham, including Hadnock Road, will receive information over the coming weeks to enable them to plan ahead.

Cllr. Catrin Maby, Monmouthshire County Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for Highways, said: “We are working to ensure that the essential resurfacing works of the Wye Bridge are planned to minimise the unavoidable impact on local residents and businesses. We are asking the contractors who are appointed to work in shifts 24 hours a day to reduce the time the bridge is closed. Sadly as a result of the need to remove so much of the bridge surface the bridge cannot be opened for normal traffic until the work is complete. We apologise for the inevitable inconvenience but would like to assure residents and businesses that everything will be done to ensure this project is completed as a priority in good time. Access will be maintained for pedestrians and for cyclists who dismount.”

A Q&A page with information about the works can be found on the Council’s website and information will also be available at .

This page will be updated as the project progresses. Follow the Council’s account on Facebook and Twitter for updates.