Residents of Herefordshire are gearing up for the local government elections, taking place on Thursday, May 4. The polls will decide the councillors responsible for managing services such as housing, education, transport, highways, planning, social care, and waste management.

All 53 district ward seats of Herefordshire Council are up for grabs, along with positions in the parish, town, and city councils. Due to the high number of contested elections, the vote count will be held on Friday, May 5, with the district election results announced in the morning and the parish council results in the afternoon.

Polling stations will open from 7am to 10pm on election day, with accessibility and assistance available for all voters. Notably, the 2023 elections will be the first to require voter ID from all voters at polling stations, in accordance with the Elections Act 2022.

Postal votes must be submitted by 10pm on May 4, either by post or by dropping them off at Hereford Town Hall or any polling station within the electoral area.

For information on candidates standing for election in each ward or parish, visit the Herefordshire Council website at

The voter ID requirement has been met with substantial criticism; county councillor Ellie Chowns said: ““I think it’s going to really exclude many, many people,” she added that the new requirement is just another barrier that has been put in place to prevent people from exercising their democratic right.