Many businesses in Monmouthshire have told me they have been victims of the rise in shoplifting and retail crime over the last year. Jane Mudd, the Welsh Labour candidate for Gwent in tomorrow's Police and Crime Commissioner election, visited Monmouth last week and spoke with the owner of The Griffin, Tanya Trotman, who shared that she has had a huge variety of items stolen, “everything from brooms to bikes”. 


In England and Wales, over 1000 shoplifting offences are committed daily, yet charges have declined. We need more community policing, zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour, and a reversal of Theresa May's 2014 decision to deprioritise shoplifting items worth £200 and under. 


Businesses in Monmouthshire should feel safe. I'm pleased Labour has committed to removing the Tories' £200 rule, pledged to place 13,000 more police and PCSOs back on our streets and introduce a Community Policing Guarantee to tackle shoplifting. 


The Welsh Labour Government's Transforming Towns scheme will provide £44 million by 2025 in South East Wales towards funding projects to regenerate our town centres. I'm pleased Labour's priority is breathing life back into our high streets, and to support the roll-out of banking hubs.


Thank you to everyone who has participated in my online petition to bring banking hubs to Monmouthshire. I will continue my campaign for these vital face-to-face services.