So, Boris didn’t know he was at a party.

Maybe he suffers from a similar complaint as the artist formerly known as Prince “I can’t sweat” Andrew; he’s been to so many parties he no longer knows if he’s attending one or not.

Then again, we’re told that Boris doesn’t do detail, which is presumably an excuse for him not knowing the rules that he put in place.

Not doing detail is fine if your job is making up stories about the EU for the right wing press or occasionally appearing on Have I Got News For You, but it doesn’t augur well for high office.

Add into the mix a lack of any form of a moral compass and we get a government that signs a Brexit agreement without reading it, enters into trade deals that actually make us worse off (a huge thank you to the amazing Liz Truss), lies to the Queen, squanders billions of taxpayers money amidst a feeding frenzy of contracts awarded under the shadow of a pandemic, attempts to re-write parliamentary rules and is currently trying to stop your right to protest, along with trying to shut down any form of media that might ask them a tricky question.

Rules obviously matter to this government, so long as they don’t have to abide by them.

The list of corruption, lies and failure goes on and on, but who should be surprised when we have a guy in charge who when he goes running looks like the kid who forgot his PE kit.

So we have a PM and a government that displays shocking judgement time and time again, has the stench of corruption running right through it, has lost all moral and political authority and yet our MP Mr Davies still needs to wait for a report from the now infamous Sue Gray before he can make his mind up whether or not Boris is fit for office…….

Well as usual Mr Davies your lack of moral and critical thinking is clear to see and therefore its also time for you to go.

J Schofield