PLAID Cymru needs to ‘detoxify a culture of harassment, bullying and misogyny’ according to a damning report into the party, that has been released today.

The review into the culture at Plaid Cymru has made 82 recommendations following reports late last year of a ‘toxic culture’ within the party.

The report, which was chaired by former Plaid Cymru politician, Nerys Evans, found that the party has failed to implement a zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment and that there needs to be a system to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace and within its membership.

The report adds that staff say ‘They’ve seen too many instances of bad behaviour by elected members be tolerated and feel that there is little point in raising concerns.’

The Prosiect Pawb report goes on to say that ‘inaction over many years, from those with positions of power to challenge bad behaviour has made a bad situation even worse’.

The report adds: “Evidence from a recent anonymous survey of staff and elected members highlight cases of sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination.

“These are not isolated cases. In the vast majority of cases of sexual harassment or bullying, the victim did not report it or make a formal complaint.

“From the evidence we have, the discrimination faced is mostly gender based.

“Some staff members felt unable to complete the survey for fear of being identified whilst others reflected a positive working environment.”

The report added: “NEC (National Executive Council) must be confident that actions taken in the light of Prosiect Pawb's findings and recommendations will be effective in enabling permanent, non- reversible measures to detoxify a culture of harassment, bullying and misogyny and to make Plaid truly and visibly welcoming to women.

“This requires a greater commitment than simply accepting the report's contents and passing them to a senior staff member to co-ordinate.”

The Cambrian News has reached out to Plaid Cymru for comment.

In a statement reported by the BBC, party leader Adam Price and Plaid Cymru Chairman, Marc Jones, said: "It is clear that there are instances - both historically and in more recent times - whereby unacceptable behaviour has been allowed to take place or go unchallenged and that our processes and governance arrangements have been inadequate to address this.

"Individuals have been let down as a result - women especially, but also men.

"For that, on behalf of the collective leadership of Plaid Cymru, we are deeply sorry."