CALDICOT Town Council’s newest councillor Oliver Edwards bring a fresh face but a familiar name as he follows in the footsteps of his father after his by-election win.

In a by-election on 4th August, Cllr Edwards, the Labour candidate, won by a margin of 35 votes Plaid Cymru candidate Linda Ayrewith (Labour 173 , Plaid Cymru 138).

Cllr Edwards, 23, is the son of Bill Edwards, a town and county councillor before his passing in 2009.

Speaking before the election about taking the same path as his father, Cllr Edwards said: “He was my inspiration and I’m definitely looking to follow in his footsteps."

Along side his council duties , Cllr Edwards is preparing to study music at University and working locally.

Councillor Tony Easson hailed Cllr Edward’s decision to run for council, he commended Cllr Edward’s initiative saying the introduction of more young people is a ‘positive addition’ and what he wants to see more in politics.

He said: “We’re very pleased with the result as he brings some much-needed youth onto the council.”