In an electoral spectacle that bypassed their Welsh neighbours, Tidenham residents took to the polls, casting votes that favoured the Green Party candidates, in the Forest of Dean District Council elections (May 4).

Johnathan Lane and Adrian Birch, the Green Party candidates, secured a victory, with 18 per cent and 17 per cent of the votes respectively. Nick Evans of the Conservative Party also found a place, winning 15 per cent of the votes, whilst other candidates didn't fare as well.

Meanwhile, Tidenham Parish Council election saw all contenders clinching their positions unopposed.

The election wasn't without its share of controversy. A recent poll by Survation disclosed a concerning trend: a higher percentage of Labour and Green Party voters lack ID compared to their Conservative and Liberal Democrat counterparts. This revelation has led to growing apprehension, particularly as England prepares for its first local elections requiring voters to present photo ID.

Final election sp[lit - Forest of Dean District Council

Herefordshire Green Party Councillor Ellie Chowns has been vocal about the potential exclusionary impact of this requirement. She expressed particular concern over the decision to accept older persons’ bus passes as valid ID, while rejecting younger persons’ bus passes, labelling it as "fundamentally unfair."

Chowns also spotlighted the financial hurdles that could prevent people from obtaining the necessary ID, which could inadvertently make voting a privilege accessible only to those with more resources. As England marches towards the implementation of the photo ID requirement, the concerns raised by Councillor Chowns echo in the minds of many, especially those who fear this may suppress the votes of the younger generation.