DAVID Davies MP and Assembly Member Nick Ramsay met with executives from the Post Office this week to discuss the closure of the Post Office in Usk.

The Post Office is due to close on 26th September when the current Post Mistress retires. At the moment an alternative site has not been agreed.

Stuart Taylor, Head of External Relations for Wales, said that Post Office Local are looking for anyone with a commercial premise in Usk who might want to generate an extra income running a Post Office, and are already in discussions with some potential sites. However, there is virtually no chance that a new Post Office will open straight after the existing one closes.

Mr Taylor said: “I would like to reassure everyone that we are totally committed to opening a Post Office in Usk, ideally with a retailer already open in the town.”

Mr Davies said: “The long term solution to this issue is for an existing retailer to open a Post Office. There are 650 people a week using the Usk premises at the moment and a Post Office would be paid something for every transaction, which will provide any existing Usk business with a perfect opportunity to develop their business further with the added benefit of a Post Office customer base that continues to grow.

“I would encourage anyone who might be interested to contact Neil Jenkins, Area Network Manager at the Post Office on: [email protected] or telephone 07889 045812.

“There is the facility of having a mobile service, and Nick and I have asked the Post Office to supply this service in the intervening period to ensure some cover is available.”

Mr Ramsay said: “With the bank closing as well this is a double whammy for Usk. It is vital that the people of Usk have unbroken access to banking and Post Office services, now and in the future.”