MONMOUTH town councillors have given a recommendation for approval on the appearance, landscaping, layout, scale and associated works for a scheme of 70 new homes on land west of Rockfield Road.

Councillors noted and agreed to NRW’s recommendation that a flood, foul drainage and SuDS (drainage) plan would need to be produced.

It was noted that there would be Section 106 monies available alongside this development. Councillors liked the layout and spacing of the affordable homes on the plans, agreeing it was a welcome development and would attract a more diverse range of people to the area.

The planning committee noted that Public Rights of Way (PROW) would need to be consulted on any amendments to public footpaths in the area. It was resolved to recommend approval for application DM/2020/00189 with the following recommendations;

a) that construction of the development does not commence until March 2025 in line with the updates to the Wyesham Water Treatments Works scheduled for the same year;

b) the Green Infrastructure Management Plan is agreed and adopted;

c) reports of flood risk, foul drainage and SUDs are submitted and approved by MCC (per NRW’s recommendation);

d) permeable paving is used in the development’s construction where possible;

e) Objections raised by PROW are adhered to; in that Path 127 is incorporated into the development and any Active Travel plans for the area are adhered to.

One online objection from a resident in the area said: “Object to this application due to access via the Rockfield Road.

“This road is already a nightmare, with heavy traffic encumbered by numerous parked cars creating a snail paced 20mph slalom every evening and morning. 70 new houses will increase conjestion by a further 100 to 140 cars per day.

“This coupled with road closures each winter due to flooding at the co-op roundabout, calls for a fundamental re think of access to the proposed development, ideally encorporating a new link road to give alternative access to the town.

“Secondly I think there should be a wider green space and access path between the existing estate and the proposed development.”