Monmouthshire County Council and Welsh Government say they have agreed to find solutions to Chepstow’s transport problems

 Councillor Paul Griffiths, Deputy Leader, and member for Chepstow Castle and Larkfield, along with Cabinet Member for Transport, Cllr. Catrin Maby, met with Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Lee Waters MS to discuss Chepstow’s transport problems.

Welsh Government’s Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Lee Waters MS said: “There’s a genuine transport problem in Chepstow, largely due to changes to work and travel patterns across the region.

 “We want to work with Monmouthshire Council, TfW, and neighbouring English authorities, on a proper transport plan for Chepstow - prioritising walking, cycling and public transport.

“If changes at Highbeech roundabout are required - to make bus journeys more viable for example - we should absolutely look at that, provided it’s part of a wider package of sustainable transport measures.

“People in Chepstow are fed-up of endless transport studies that take years and go-nowhere. We should short-circuit that and get everyone round the table to work on affordable and practical solutions that will make a real difference.

Monmouthshire County Council’s Deputy Leader, Cllr. Paul Griffiths, said: “I share with residents of Chepstow the ambition to find solutions to our urgent  transport problems. We have had enough consultancy reports that provide all the evidence we need that Chepstow is not moving as it should. 

“We share with the Minister the objective of not filling our towns and highways with more and more vehicles – over-heating our planet and reducing our quality of life.

“The agreement we made with Welsh Government is that we will work together to develop solutions that we will  both act upon. These solutions may include investments in walking and cycling routes, more trains and greater use of our buses,  as well as road improvements which do not simply attract more vehicles.

“I am eager to start this work so that we can report back to the Council and the people of Chepstow within the next year.”