Residents of several Monmouthshire villages have been proactive in dealing with some of the challenges that come with social distancing as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

As the government have advised ’high risk groups’ including people over the age of 70 to limit social interactions, some Mitchel Troy residents have expressed concerns over how some of the village’s older people will cope.

Members of the Mitchel Troy community including Liz Williams of St Michael’s Church and Val Long, one of the community councillors, have been working on a plan to help anyone in Mitchel Troy who may feel that they would appreciate some help with tasks such as shopping or dog walking. Community members are building up a list of those willing to help and who would be happy for their names and phone numbers to be placed on a flyer that will be distributed to every household in Mitchel Troy.

Community members in Devauden also becoming concerned that the coronavirus pandemic will start to have an impact on the day-to-day activities of residents. The Devauden Coronavirus support group is being established so that they are ready to offer help to anyone in our community who needs it.

As well as intending to offer practical assistance the group hopes that the presence of support in the community will provide people with the reassurance that help will be available for them if they need it. Devauden residents who would like to help have been asked to contact [email protected] or call 01291 650938.

Vanessa Ward and her partner Adam Massey, have rallied the Raglan community, amassing nearly 200 members, who are offering or seeking assistance.

Vanessa told the Beacon: "The group aims to help people who would otherwise slip through the cracks."

People in need of the group’s assistance, or who’d like to offer help can get in touch by calling 07389849399 or by visiting their Facebook group called ’Raglan Covid-19 Assistance’.