The Society was delighted to welcome back Sharon Dower from Swansea presenting “Glad Tidings”. Sharon is a commercial florist who demonstrates online through Zoom sessions and has a large YouTube following.

1. A very tall wicker “wine glass” shaped stand on top of which was placed a flat dish with a block of oasis. Sharon used a large selection of foliage including ruscus, eleagnus, asparagus fern to create a soft trailing asymetric shape to which were added cream and pink arum lilies, spiky Amaryllis flowers, pink proteas and pink and white roses.

Rose gold sprayed cones and two pink snowflakes were added finished off this beautiful arrangement. A smaller piece with matching flowers completed the display.

2. A very large punchbowl with large bells attached to the handles was the base for an oasis free arrangement. A bowl filled with chicken wire and water was filled with viburnum, pittosporum, grey conifer, ferns, stems of pussy willow, purple waxflower, silver sprayed twigs small grey broom, eryngiums and a cerise roses with a large silver star completed the design. A matching hand-tie was added for the raffle.

3. A tall glass vase filled with large red baubles and other festive coloured items was the base for a very tall linear shape with tall twigs sprayed gold, a base of Nordman pine , leucodendron fiery red, leafless holly berry stems, eleagnus, gold sprayed grevillea, dark red Naomi roses, bunches of ivy, red and gold gerberas. The design was completed by the addition of lime green baubles and a red and gold Christmas bow at the front base.

4. A pewter style urn was the foundation for this piece. A dish with oasis was covered with Nordman pine, conifers and other mixed foliage. Tall stems of white twigs gave the height to which were added stems of green molucella (Bells of Ireland). Stems of white amaryllis were carefully inserted and double picotee lizianthus, white Zembla chrysanth blooms and a very pretty rose called Buttercup. A smaller matching placement with similar flowers but using Snowstorm roses finished the display.

Last was a long horizontal frame tray with a metal Christmas tree frame wound around with ribbons and crackers on top. The base was covered with Nordman pines, spruce, pussy willow stems, ivy bunches, gold fir cones. To this were added dark red Naomi roses, red and gold gerberas, holly berries and variegated holly foliage. A small matching mini tree completed the design.

The Chairman Tineke Deuss invited Eileen Williams to give a Vote of Thanks for this stunning series of arrangements which were then raffled off and followed by festive refreshments.

The next Open Meeting of the Society will be held in March at Bridges when the demonstrator will be Minh Lane with “Eastern Promise”. Doors open at 1.45 and all visitors are welcome.