Mitchel Troy resident Liz Williams began a virtual walk to Glasgow in time for the COP26 climate conference and is now on her way home with around 140 miles remaining on the home stretch.

Liz told the Beacon: “The reality is that the journey to zero emissions continues for all of us. It is imperative that we all act as we are able for the benefit of all. I find it easy to ‘cop out’ and say - what can I do? The politicians, innovators and policy makers have the answers to effect great changes, so anything that I do will make no difference - but I will continue to challenge myself about the small acts that I can do to make a difference, we are already eating less meat; shopping locally; picking up litter; avoiding single use plastic.”

She added: “I consider developing world countries so dependant on good rains for their survival, and millions of others across the globe who suffer from too much or too little rain, and return to an American Fransican monk Richard Rohr who said that we’re all capable of changing the world and responsible for finding those opportunities to protect, feed, grow, and guide love.”

Everyone is welcome to the special climate service at St Michael’s church, Mitchel Troy on Sunday, November 7 at 11am.