The phoenix from the ashes of the SWHP, Manes and Tails, fundraised for the HungryHerds charity at Usk Show last week.

Following the death of the founder of the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies (SWHP) - which merged with Redwings - the fundraising team headed by Sue Hughes, decided they wanted to carry on Jenny’s tradition and fundraise for animal welfare.

They braved the heat of the Usk Show to sell the donated horse tack from their Newport branch on Risca Road and raised £1,027 for the winter feeding programme of HungryHerds.

They have now made a payment of £1,587 towards the charity: the amount raised at the Usk Show, tack sales and online sales.

HungryHerds are a non-profit feeding group, whose aim is to give good quality haylage in the winter months to the wild and abandoned horses and ponies on Gelligaer Common, a place Jenny MacGregor and SWHP knew so very well.

The ponies on the common are not managed and their environment is bleak. Some mares have two foals feeding from them, this years and last years. Most have worm burden and breeding is indiscriminate, causing foals to be born in December and later.

Their aim is to make life a little easier by giving one decent meal - this does not stop them foraging or doing what wild ponies do.

If you would like to help them by donating, PayPal details are: [email protected] please select gift or they are charged from your donation. If anyone would like to donate directly to the bank account or set up a regular standing order it is Barclays sort code 204545 account no. 30761613 Hungry Herds.