On March 1st, St.David's Day, the Shire Hall failed to fly our national flag.

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Enquiring at Shire Hall, I was told by Emma Hartley that it was too dangerous to hoist the flag as it had been hailing earlier!

This was a disgrace. However, this refusal to fly our flag on our public building here in Wales is an ongoing saga. Last year Emma justified the flying of the union flag daily by emailing their (Monlife?) flag policy to me - they were UK government guidelines and under the heading advised "Applies to England".

I pointed this out, but no response.I also shared with Emma a response to this from the First Minister's office in Cardiff - there is no flag policy in Wales. So, who is actively deciding to apply English guidelines and why? I cannot get any justification from Emma, she just responds with 'having to speak to someone more senior'.

Peter Williams, Monmouth