The Mayor of Monmouth responds

In response to the letter from Sue Chivers in the Beacon on 15th November 2023, I would like to take the opportunity to respond to this opinion piece.

“In terms of a dress code, the Standing Orders that Town Councillors must adhere to, stipulates that the dress code is “smart casual”. Previous Council’s had a ‘no denim rule’ but over the recent years, it was agreed by Councillors that how people dressed for meetings and occasions should not impact their ability to stand or represent the town. Councillors felt that a strict dress code could become prohibitive and reduce inclusivity in the Council which is why the changes were made. The Town Clerk ensures that the dress code of “smart casual” is maintained at all times.

It is incorrect to state that I wore a “sweater” to Armistice Day; I wore shirt and trousers accompanied with the Mayoral Chain on display.

There has been a single occasion that I was unable to wear the Mayoral Chain due to access restrictions at the Shire Hall. I offered to step out of the photographs for Majestic Wine, but was encouraged to stay by the business owners as they were grateful of my support at such an important event.

It is important to remember that all Councillors are volunteers that take considerable time out of their personal and work lives to support the Town, its businesses and residents.”

Cllr Tom Kirton, Mayor of Monmouth