GUESTS who took part in an immersive theatrical treasure hunt at a Jacobean Manor House were amazed to find they had been joined by a Hollywood star.

How I Met Your Mother and The Uncoupling actor Neil Patrick Harris flew in from the US last week to take part in The Locksmith’s Dream at the Grade I-listed Treowen Manor House near Dingestow.

The performer is well known as a lover of immersive experiences and escape rooms, and flew across the Atlantic to the isolated Monmouthshire countryside house to join the “exclusive” overnight event.

And afterwards, he said: “It’s not like I saw a play and thought it was good, it’s like I lived this experience and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.”

Guests were amazed to see the star bounding around the historic venue hunting for clues, quizzing the characters and throwing himself into the event.

The organisers of The Locksmith’s Dream describe it as a series of boutique immersive experiences over 24 hours filled with narrative delights, where guests unravel magical mysteries, solve puzzles, dine by candle light and interact with a cast of intriguing staff.

The star explained the uniqueness of the experience by saying: “It’s so bespoke... it feels exclusive and it feels intimate and because the cast is stellar and fully realised you’re not just watching them perform.”

The event has received rave reviews since launching two years ago.

The Stage wrote: “Ultimately, the bones of The Locksmith’s Dream feel special. There’s a thoughtfulness, intelligence and sincerity to it that is hard to resist.

“In a cynical world, there is a magic to running around a beautiful Welsh manor collecting arcane gossip.”

And immersive art and entertainment website No Proscenium added: “Above all else, the most thoroughly immersive event I’ve ever attended – and I’m not inexperienced in immersive events…

“What could you possibly compare it with? What escape room has you staying overnight in a remote manor house?

“What country hotel getaway comes with its own haunted storyline? What mystery dinner party is dozens of mysteries wrapped into one setting?

“However you look at The Locksmith’s Dream, there really is nothing else like this.”

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