Costa has issued an urgent recall for several of its sandwich and wrap products, warning that they may contain small stones, posing a potential choking hazard.

The products in question include:

  • Costa Chicken & Bacon Caesar Wrap with a pack size of 192g. The use-by dates are 06 September 2023, 07 September 2023, and 08 September 2023.
  • Costa Southern Fried Chicken Wrap weighing 214g. This product also has the same use-by dates as the Caesar wrap.
  • Costa Chicken Salad Sandwich with a pack size of 206g. The use-by dates for this sandwich are identical to the aforementioned products.
  • Costa BLT Sandwich which comes in a 182g pack. This sandwich shares the same use-by dates as the other products.

The FSA has categorically stated that these products may present a choking hazard and are unsafe for consumption.

In response to this alarming situation, Costa is actively recalling the products from customers. Alongside the recall, the company has disseminated a notice to its patrons, elucidating the reasons for the recall and providing guidance on the steps to be taken if they have purchased any of the affected items.

For those who have already bought the products, the FSA advises not to consume them. Instead, they should be returned to the Costa store from which they were purchased to receive a full refund. Customers seeking additional information or clarification can reach out to Costa directly at 0333 003 5883.

Product recalls and withdrawals are standard procedures when there's an identified issue with a food product that renders it unsuitable for sale. The FSA routinely issues Product Withdrawal Information Notices and Product Recall Information Notices to keep consumers and local authorities informed about food-related concerns. On rare occasions, a 'Food Alert for Action' is released, directing local authorities on specific actions to safeguard consumers.

The recent recall underscores the importance of stringent quality checks and the need for consumers to remain vigilant about the products they consume.