A FARMER has been given retrospective planning permission for two shepherd huts used as holiday accommodation for the past two years. 

Robert Shewell, of Reddings Farm, near Tintern, asked MCC to approve use of the two one-bedroom huts, at his 46 hectare grassland farm, as a diversification project.

The mobile huts, which have been in use since 2022, can be moved without leaving a permanent footprint and served with water and electricity by connection to the farm. 

Foul waste is dealt with by toilet cassettes that are emptied into the sceptic tank that serves the six bedroom farmhouse where only four rooms are currently occupied. 

Natural Resources Wales had requested further information on the tank’s capacity and council planning officer David Wong said while an argument could be made the huts would increase demand on the system he said the number occupying the farmhouse could increase without any need for permission and it is unlikely the huts would be occupied year round. 

The site is also described as sustainable as the number 69 Monmouth to Chepstow bus stops at the bottom of the hill and the five mile Wye Valley Greenway path from Tintern to Chepstow is also close by. 

Conditions include any lighting required is agreed with the council and biodiversity enhancements including bat and bird boxes and wildflower planting must be maintained.