A REDBROOK couple have been praised after their actions helped save an injured bird of prey.

John and Adele Davies were driving on the A466 in the Wye Valley when a fully grown female buzzard which was being chased by crows crashed into the vehicle in front of them.

The vehicle didn’t stop, leaving the bird lying sideways on the ground, and they decided to act when the animal didn’t get up.

Fortunately as a self employed window cleaner, John’s vehicle had a number of cloths inside which they used to wrap the injured bird.

It wasn’t until they had wrapped the bird up that the challenge presented itself.

“We thought we couldn’t leave the bird there,” said John. “We got the cloths out the back of the van, picked it up and then it was panic stations!”

“We called the vet and thank God they said bring it straight over.”

Putting the injured bird into a shopping bag, they proceeded on a dramatic journey into Monmouth, with nerves not helped by the bird’s talons going through the bag and into Adele’s leg.

“I had to reach for the car mat to put on her lap!,” John adds.

Sharon Leak at Vets 4 Pets gave the bird first aid and pain relief, before calling the International Centre for Birds of Prey in Newent.

Transporting the bird - by now named Betty - in a secure box, she spent a week at the centre, recovering from a concussion with just a broken toe and torn feather.

After Betty’s recuperation, John and Adele were even involved with Betty’s release, letting her go near where they found her in Redbrook Green. It was a happy end to a story as the bird flew away without any visible injuries.

“We’d like to say a huge well done to everyone involved,” said Sharon at Vets 4 Pets. “Adam, Holly and the team at International you’re amazing, Kirsty and Lauren for braving the drive with beak and claws in the boot and the Davies family for caring and making a difference in this world”.