SUMMER’S here again and Wye Valley Music’s July concert is at Chepstow’s Drill Hall a week on Sunday (July 14) at 7.30pm, in the company of Moscow Drug Club.

Named after the song by Hungarian musician, BB Gabor, about an underground jazz club in Moscow during the Cold War, the band describe themselves as “transcendent troubadours of jazz and world music”.

For those who haven’t heard this critically-praised Bristol-base jazz and cabaret ensemble before, imagine “a curious musical place where certain elements of 1930s Berlin Cabaret, Hot Club de France, Nuevo Tango & Gypsy Campfire meet, have a few to drink and stagger arm in arm into the darkness of an eastern European cobbled street on a mission to find the bar where Django Reinhardt and Tom Waits are having an after-hours jam with the local Tziganes…”

Indeed, you’ll meet pretty much everyone a Moscow Drug Club… Kurt Weill, Leonard Cohen, Eartha Kitt, Jacques Brel… and sample many different musical styles while you’re there.

Reviews include: “Nothing but praise for their performance, absolutely knockout, great musicianship and very entertaining.”

“Amazingly evocative, beautiful and inspiring, such originality just like the band’s name.”

And “When they play for fun, they go for it full-heartedly, setting the pulse racing and the toes tapping; they deflate pomposity with a twinkle of the eyeand, when life is difficult, they tell the story exactly as it is.”

Tickets are £18 (£15 for WVM members and £5 for students 25 and under).

A printed programme is included in the ticket price.

To buy tickets, visit or leave a message on the help line 01291 330020.