Senedd member for South Wales East Laura Anne Jones has called on the Welsh Government to recruit ex-teachers to fill sickness vacancies.

She said: "Tie to mobilise an army of teachers. I call on Labour to follow UK Government and invite an army of ex-teachers to return to classrooms, ensuring speedy background checks. It’s crucial we try and keep schools open for face-to-face learning. Our children and teachers need you."

Ms Jones has often been an advocate for face-to-face classroom time as well as pushing for children to be allowed to remain active throughout the pandemic. When it was announced that the junior Parkrun at Tredegar House would continue, she said: "This is a huge win for all parents and children across Wales. Physical exercise for children should never be stopped and should always be encouraged."

Calls for new sources of help have increased as the highly contagious Omicron variant of Covid-19 has removed swathes of workers from the front-line. The Welsh Government have adjusted Covid-19 isolation rules so that people who test positive are only required to self-isolate for seven days.