A HOUSING development built in Chepstow 20 years ago is to benefit primary schools in the area.

£16,000 of Section 106 funding from the housing development on the site of the former Mount Pleasant and St Lawrence hospital is to be distributed between Pembroke Primary School, The Dell Primary School and St Mary’s RC Primary School.

Each school will receive £5,333.

The money was paid to Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) by the Glan Hafren NHS Trust in 1997, with the requirement that funding be used for a primary school within this distance.

However there is and never has been a primary school within this distance, and in 2015 it was decided it would be appropriate to use the money at The Dell Primary School which is the school nearest to the development. This money was never used, however.

There are not requirements for the funding to be used for specific purposes, but a report which will go before MCC’s cabinet today (10th January) says the schools have suggested the funding will be used to increase the ICT resources.