MS warns Welsh Government THE Welsh Government’s proposed changes for the farming community, the Sustainable Farming Scheme, is projected to cut 11 per cent of labour on Welsh farms, the equivalent of losing 5,500 jobs.

This modelling is contained in the Government’s own Impact Assessment. It is also projected that this scheme will give a devastating blow of £125.3 million to economic output from the sector and a loss of £199 million to farm business income.

The impact of the rising pressure that the farming community is under cannot be understated, the unprecedented challenges already facing the industry is taking a huge toll on businesses and farmers themselves with agriculture having some of the highest incidences of suicide with the mental health of many farmers suffering as a direct result of policies.

The cumulative impact of a series of policies including Agricultural Pollution regulations, the lack of progress on tackling Bovine TB, the abolition of the Glastir scheme and now the Sustainable Farming Scheme is having a negative impact on the farming sector and farmer wellbeing.

The Welsh Government’s draft budget cut the rural affairs budget by an eyewatering £62 million negatively impacting over 223,500 people working in the farming sector.

Peter Fox said: “The farming community is such an important part of our culture, identity and food security and the fact that they are continually ignored or taken for granted is a national embarrassment.

“I know farmers are feeling frustrated and angry and I don’t blame them. It is so hard for them to make a living right now and their businesses and way of lives are being threatened continually by a Labour Government woefully out of touch with them.

“Labour ministers are ignoring the farming community to the detriment of everyone.”