A BAN on dogs from play parks and sports pitches and new requirements for owners have been agreed by Monmouthshire Council. 

From June 1 anyone walking a dog in a public area will have to pick up its poo, and carry a bag with them.

If challenged by a council officer they must have a bag. 

At present dog walkers are only required to pick up poo in defined areas but that has been extended to all public places. 

The Public Spaces Protection Order, which will be in place for three years, also brings in a ban on taking dogs into children’s play parks and nearly all marked sports pitches. 

The council has published a list of more than 170 places dogs will be banned while in other areas, including some cemeteries, they must be on a lead. 

Council officers will also have the power to order a dog walker to put their pet on a lead in a public place, to prevent a nuisance. 

Labour cabinet member Paul Griffiths told the cabinet, which agreed the order, that it is “in no way anti-dog owner”. 

The Chepstow councillor said: “It is intended to lead, or support, positive behaviour change that’s taken place within dog owners.

“In my youth, if you went down any high street, you’d play hop scotch in dog’s mess. You don’t do that anymore, owners have amended their behaviour,” he said.

When he lived in Pontyclun, he regularly joined other parents to clear dog faeces from the rugby club pitches, he said. 

“A young player suffered a leg amputation because of the remnants of dog faeces, this is why we need to get this right,” he added. 

Huw Owen, principal environmental health officer, said a review of the council’s civil enforcement powers will consider how the £100 fixed penalties could be issued but said it wants to start with “raising awareness” firstly. 

The council has a £45,000 budget for signage,ssistance and guide dogs will be exempt. 

Areas where dogs will be banned include:

MONMOUTH – Chippenham Mead Play Area, Monnow Keep Play Area, Troy Gardens Play Area, Rockfield Estate Play Area, Tudor Road Play Area, Woodland View Play Area, Hendre Close Play Area, King’s Fee Play Area, Oaklands Drive Play Area, Willow Drive Play Area, Maple Drive Play Area, Jordan Way Play Area, Carbonne Close Play Area, Goldwire Lane Play Area, Cornpoppy Avenue Play Area, Osbaston Road Play Area, Chippenham Mead Sports Pitches, Rockfield Estate Sports Pitch, Tudor Road Sports Pitch, Kymin View Primary School, Overmonnow Primary School, Osbaston Church in Wales School, Monmouth Comprehensive School and Leisure Centre, Harfleur Court Play Area, Shrewsbury Avenue Play Area, Kemble Road Play Area.

CHEPSTOW – Bulwark Park Play Area, Meadow Walk play area, Penterry Park Play Area, Hardwick Avenue Play Area, Castle Dell Park Play Area, Western Avenue Play Area, Rear of Larkfield Play Area, St Kingsmark Avenue Play Area, Summerhouse Lane Play Area, Garvey Close Play Area, Phoenix Drive Play Area, Woolpitch Wood Play Area, Wallwern Wood Play Area, Castle Wood Play Area, St Lawrence Park Play Areas, Alcove Wood Play Area, Woolpitch Wood Play Area, Bayfield Wood Close Play Area, Strongbow Road Play Area, Fisherman's Walk Play Area, Chepstow Town AFC Pitches, Chepstow Rugby Club Pitches, Thornwell FC Pitches, Hardwick Recreation Ground, Chepstow School and Leisure Centre,  Pembroke Primary, St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary, The Dell Primary, Thornwell Primary.

OTHER AREAS – (Raglan) Prince Charles Road Play Area, Raglan CiW VC Primary; (Usk) Maryport Street Play Area, Trelawny Close Play Area, Silure View Play Area, Blestium Drive Play Area, Usk CiW Primary, (Shirenewton) Shirenewton Play Area, Shirenewton Primary, Playgroup Nature Garden; (St Arvans) King George’s Field Playground, St Arvans; (Rogiet) Poplar Close Play Area, Rogiet; Cross Ash Primary; Llanishen Play Area; (TRELLECH) Roman Park View Play Area, Trellech Primary.