Monmouth MP David Davies has signed a letter to the CEO of Barclays expressing sharp criticism on the decision to stop allowing Post Office cash withdrawals.

The cross-party letter - written by Chris Elmore MP and signed by 123 additional MPs - expressed disappointment, describing the move as part of a "staggering" trend, saying that 3,312 high street bank and building society branches have been closed between January 2015 and August of this year - at least 481 of which were Barclays branches.A statement made by David Davies said: "Last year 15 million cash withdrawals were made from Post Offices by Barclays customers. Ending the ability to get cash from the Post Office is going to make life incredibly difficult for many people. The decision will hit rural communities especially hard. Already bank branches are closing and cash machines are disappearing, the Post Office was the last resort for some customers who need cash."He added: "Barclays seem to think that everyone can do all financial transactions online but some, especially older customers, are not always comfortable with this. In any case a lack of broadband means it is not always possible. I was pleased to join the cross party campaign to protest these actions."There is huge division in parliament at the moment yet MPs from all parties have put aside their differences to demand a reversal of the policy. Barclays should take note."The ’Access to Cash’ review which was cited, found that around 17 per cent of the UK population - 8 million adults - would find it difficult to function in a cashless society.The decline of ATMs across the country was cited as a serious concern and that over 500 machines were being closed every month throughout 2018 resulting in even fewer places where residents can withdraw their money.The letter goes so far as to question as to whether the banking sector is "really serious about maintaining the banking provision our constituents need and deserve".The closing remarks condemned the move saying: "Quite simply, amidst the current uncertainty many people face around access to cash and wider banking services, this decision appears to be a retrograde step which will impact your poorest customers hardest."It sends a message - rightly or wrongly - that those who cannot properly access the digital economy will have the carpet dragged out from under their feet as our high street banks continues to abandon the communities that have sustained them for decades."The letter calls the rate of closure "unprecedented and unsustainable", leaving many communities with little or no face-to-face banking services with some MP’s constituents being left with very few or even no bank branches whatsoever.In 2018 Barclays bank was the last of the high street lenders to leave Usk and has recently announced that it will no longer offer customers the ability to make cash withdrawals from their accounts in Post Office branches from January next year.This has come as a blow to the town which no longer has an ATM, the hole in the wall that has been the cash lifeline for many when their bank, decides that enough is enough and closes down their local branch.The Post Office has also expressed its disappointment at the news.