The two twinning associations in Monmouth representing Waldbronn and Carbonne met for their second skittles match at the Royal Oak recently.

This year Waldbronn were triumphant taking the trophy, that means it's now one all in what is expected to be an annual tournament. 

Players were divided into two teams, however, as there are joint members in both associations some members had to decide what camp they were in. It was great fun when these joint members were about to play, the friendly hissing and comments by the opposition were enjoyed by all.

The overall winner on the night was Jane Gunter,who is a member of both associations. however, she decided to represent Waldbronn this year.

Both associations are welcoming visitors in the next two weeks, Carbonne arrive on Wednesday 8th May and depart on Sunday 12th May. The visitors from Waldbronn arrive on Friday 18th May and depart on Wednesday 23rd May.

A full programme has been organised for both group visits and will be welcomed by the Mayor and deputy Mayor during their visit.