Chepstow Town Council, Monmouthshire County Council and Welsh Government have come together to invest more than £200,000 in The Drill Hall, Chepstow’s principal arts venue. 

For the past 15 years Chepstow Town Council and Monmouthshire County Council has worked with a remarkable volunteer group to develop the facility as Chepstow’s Arts and community Centre with a lively programme of film, drama, dance and music. 

The Drill Hall is also used extensively by local and national societies and organisations, artists and ensembles. In addition, the Drill Hall building houses Chepstow Boxing Club, an important part of the sport and wellbeing provision within the Town. 

Before this investment the roof was leaking and the venue was at risk of closure, meaning a vital community asset could be lost.  Directing funds from Welsh Government’s Transforming Towns initiative, Monmouthshire County Council has provided £100,000 towards the replacement of the roof. Chepstow Town Council provided the same amount, to ensure this project could be delivered. The Town Council’s significant investment was funded by Chepstow residents through the town’s precept.  The new solar panels on the roof will also add to the sustainability of this prominent building in the heart of Chepstow.

 Monmouthshire County Council Deputy Leader, Cllr Paul Griffiths said “I see the Drill Hall as essential to the future success of the town. Through investing in the arts, people come together and increase their wellbeing. When people visit the Drill Hall, the whole town benefits from the trade that follows by supporting our local economy. I am delighted that the County Council has been able to support this project and help secure the Drill Hall's future." 

The Mayor of Chepstow, Cllr Tudor Griffiths, says “The Town Council gave a high priority to the future of the Drill Hall when it agreed to contribute towards the cost of this project. We recognise the contribution that the volunteer run arts programme has brought to thetown and we were determined to ensure that the building remains able to host that programme and continue to provide a venue for a range of other events and activities”. 

The Drill Hall Arts and Community Centre Manager, Michael Turner says, “We can all celebrate this high level of investment in the arts at the Drill Hall. Many thousands of people have enjoyed the arts programme at this venue over many years. We now have the responsibility of ensuring that there are more and more events attracting ever-wider participation from the people of Chepstow and all the surrounding areas. With a new roof over our heads, we aim to further develop our programme to confirm The Drill Hall as the premier centre for the arts in the Severnside region of Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire.” 

Anyone interested in finding out more about the current programme of activities available at the Drill Hall, or to make a booking, please contact Michael Turner at [email protected] or on 07516 227725.